Nov 17th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:29 pm

T-Mobile and Sprint are still the oddballs left out of the Blackberry PRIV picture. AT&T got exclusive launch rights to the thing and Verizon will have it sometime later, but the other two haven’t yet been locked in as surefire bets to offer it. Thankfully that might not be the case for long.

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T-Mobile executives John Legere (CEO) and Mike Sievert (COO) went on the record to say that they are excited for Blackberry, and believes the PRIV is the beginning of a furious comeback for the company. So if they believe in the company that much, why aren’t they offering it?

Well, they want to. T-Mobile says they continue to talk with Blackberry behind the scenes, and suggests it might not be long before they might have something to announce. Those are reassuring words for Magenta fans who want the phone, but without solid confidence that a deal will be made we wouldn’t blame you for opting not to wait around. Even if T-Mobile does end up striking the deal, it’s possible they won’t offer it straight away as there could be a timed exclusivity deal with AT&T in place.

So, should you just go ahead and buy the thing unlocked? There are some better ways you can spend $700 when it comes to smartphones in today’s market, but if you really want a Blackberry PRIV then there’s no other choice at this point in time. Head here for one if you’re OK with that, but  note that it won’t ship until the end of the month.

[via CNet]

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