Humble Bundle officially discontinues bi-weekly Mobile Bundle deal for Android


Humble Bundle NEOGEO Android

It’s the end of an era, folks. In what has grown into a sort of tradition around these parts, today, the folks at Humble Bundle have announced that they are officially discontinuing their Android-focused Humble Mobile Bundle. These were a handful of Android titles Humble Bundle used to group together and offer every two weeks, offering them at a steep discount and donating a portion of the proceeds to charity.

They’re not gone entirely, mind you. Humble Bundle says they just wont be available quite as frequently, only offering them up a few times a year — far less than the couple of times they’d pop up in a month. Those visiting the Humble Bundle site will notice the tab for Mobile Bundle has been removed which is a little saddening, considering we used the deals to build up quite a hefty gaming library for our Android devices.

Humble Bundle weekly bundles

Look for future Android titles to be sprinkled throughout Humble Bundle’s weekly deals

Humble Bundle recommends those still looking for new Android games on the cheap keep an eye out for them in their other deals — like this week’s “Made in Singapore” bundle — for the occasional Android title sprinkled throughout. There’s also the Humble Store for purchasing Android games à la carte, but we noticed a few that were actually more expensive than their Play Store counterparts, so proceed with caution.

[Humble Bundle]

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