Microsoft OneNote Badge lets you start taking notes no matter which app you’re in


Microsoft OneNote is getting a hot new update today. One of the general additions being made to all platforms is the ability to attach audio files to a note. This functionality has long been present in the desktop version of OneNote, but it’s now headed to the web and mobile devices. What better way to take a quick note than to dictate it with voice?


But the Android app is getting one extra little feature that other mobile platforms can’t boast: an ever-present OneNote Badge. When you’re using a different app, pull down on your notification bar and find the OneNote Badge option. It brings up a button that floats on top of any app you’re in so you can initiate an action in OneNote without having to flip back and forth between apps.

You can take a full note — complete with photos — and either have it saved to MyNotes or select which exact notebook you want it saved to. Once you’re done with the Badge you can dismiss it by pulling it toward the bottom of the screen. It’s like Facebook Messenger’s chatheads, only without the annoyances that friends often bring.

Finally, Microsoft has detailed plans to bring video embedding to mobile devices, though the feature is headed to the desktop and web versions as soon as today. You can start embedding your videos for easy access on those platforms, and they should show up seamlessly on your phones and tablets once the appropriate update arrives. The update is out now on Google Play so be sure to download it if all this sounds good to you.

[via Microsoft]

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