Periscope for Android gets replays on map, skip ahead in replays, and pinch-to-zoom during broadcasts


Periscope is shipping out a new update for Android users, and it adds a couple of important features that you’ll want if you’re a serious ‘scoper. For starters, in addition to showing live broadcasts on an area map, the app will now also show replays on the map. This should make it even better to discover new Periscope content in the areas you care about instead of being limited to times where folks are live.

periscope map

Beyond that, we’re getting a feature that our friends on iOS have enjoyed for quite some time — the ability to pinch-to-zoom while recording. This allows you to zoom your camera in and out to get that perfect frame you need for your broadcasts.

Finally, you’ll now be able to skip ahead (or rewind) during a broadcast replay in case you want to skip the usual opening fluff or if you missed something. The action is performed with a simple dragging motion — simply hold your finger on the screen, and drag back and forth to jump to the exact part of the broadcast you want. The update should be hitting Android devices right now so check Google Play for an update if you haven’t already gotten it.

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