Google adds special holiday hours to business listings in Maps and Search


Google Maps Search Holiday Hours

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s safe to say we all know the frustration of arriving at a place or business only to find that it closed early because of special holiday hours. Google knows your pain and it’s why they’re now adding holiday hours to business listings in both Search and Google Maps.

The holiday schedules will show up in the listing for major holidays that are within the next 7 days, so you’ll not only avoid showing up to a business that’s closed early, but you can see which businesses have extended hours for that last minute holiday shopping. For businesses that aren’t updated with special holiday hours, Google will give you a little warning letting you know that hours could vary.

Google also mentions that holiday hours are available globally, so it doesn’t matter where what side of the planet you live on — Google’s got your back.

[Google Maps Blog]

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