Watch the Nexus 6P go blow-for-blow with the iPhone 6S in a speed test [VIDEO]


The Snapdragon 810 in the Nexus 6P might not be the most popular chipset on the market, but it still is considered top end and it seems to perform wonderfully in phones which take proper advantage of it. Of course, not many phones take proper advantage of hardware like Nexus devices, which don’t have loads of bloat and custom UI elements to bog the experience down.

Nexus 6P IMG_0232

So, how does it fare up against the iPhone 6S? Well, quite impressively. DroidModderX put these two through a speed test gauntlet to see if any of the devices had a significant edge over the other. The speed test consisted of a simple procedure of jumping into apps and jumping out of them the moment they load. He then tested multitasking capabilities by opening those same apps in the same order to see if there were any forced refreshes for either of the phones.

The results? Quite nice. The Nexus 6P seemed to take the early lead, but the iPhone 6S was able to blow past it after the Angry Birds app took a few extra seconds to load. The iPhone 6S had as much as a 2 second lead by that point, but once the two devices hit the multitasking phase of the test the gap narrowed. The Nexus 6P actually ended up besting the iPhone 6S by the end of it, but only by a marginal 6/10ths of a second. Some suspect the iPhone 6S was only held back by Apple’s more drawn out animations, which is a fair point.

Either way, both these devices seem to carry their “2015 flagship” sashes quite nicely, and it’d be hard to argue going with either one if all you’re worried about is speed. Check the test out above.

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