Android apps can now cost up to $400 in the Play Store


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The majority of apps and games you find in the Play Store cost between $0-5. It’s pretty rare to find an app that costs over $10, but that’s not due to any limitations. Previously, the limit on app pricing was $200. There were only a couple of weird apps that pushed that limit, but now Google is bumping it up even more.

In the U.S., Android apps can now cost up to $400. We’re not sure why an app would ever need to cost that much (or who would buy it), but it’s possible. Google increased the pricing limits for a lot of other countries as well. In Canada, it was raised from $210  to $500. The UK gets a bump from £150 to £300. Other countries that received similar increases include Mexico, Australia, India, and Brazil.

What is the most expensive Android app or game you have purchased?

[Google Play via AP]

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