Nexus 5X teardown shows it’s quite easy to fix (and install wireless charging) [VIDEO]


iFixIt is back at it with another one of their smartphone maulings known as “teardowns.” The Nexus 5X is the hottest new thing on the block so we aren’t surprised they got their hands on it to take it to town.

nexus 5x teardown

The findings? It’s pretty easy to fix, scoring a 7/10 on the repairability scale (where 10 is easiest to fix). The main issue which keeps it from a near perfect score — like most smartphones these days — is that the display and touch assembly are fused together, so if it cracks then you’ll have to buy an entirely new unit when replacing it. The battery is also a bit trickier to get to than normal, but not so much that it’ll throw a wrench into your plans.

And for those who will eventually crack into this thing for one reason or another, it may even be possible to enhance its functionality. One blogger at PhoneRepair has cracked their Nexus 5X open and started testing a Qi wireless charging receiver inside the device.

He says it works and charges more slowly than normal, but wasn’t sure if this was due to the pad he was using. Fully functional or not, hacking a wireless charging receiver into the Nexus 5X is super cool and would probably be pretty convenient regardless, as the latest Nexus phones opted not to include the feature as standard. Be sure to check the process out in the video above.

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