Unlocked HTC One A9 will get every Android update within 15 days of Nexus devices getting them


HTC made a bold commitment to updating the unlocked edition of their newly-announced HTC One A9. The company will be handling the updates and software on that phone, so they feel confident in saying they’ll deliver every Android update that a Nexus phone gets within 15 days of those devices getting them.

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That’s… huge. The typical expectation for seeing new versions of Android is within 90 days, and most OEMs take the full length of that window to deliver on the promise. Cutting out 2 and a half months from that standard is nothing to sneeze at, and we question if HTC can even manage to pull it off every time there’s a new version of Android to be had.

But their willingness to make the claim likely comes from the fact that this unlocked version will be free from carrier nonsense. There will be no long certification and testing processes. There’s no extra bloatware and software customization to do on behalf of carriers (we’re looking at you, AT&T, with your stupid persistent WiFi notifications). It’s just HTC Sense, and Android.

It’s the same reason why Marshmallow is already being tested on the Moto X Pure Edition, and if that’s the sort of speed we can expect from HTC when it’s time for the next big updates to roll around then we’d say there’s good reason to get behind the unlocked version of this phone. You can read more about the HTC One A9 right here.

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