Hands-on: HTC One A9 [VIDEO]


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Safe to say HTC caught a lot of flak when they officially took the wraps off their latest creation: the HTC One A9. True to all the leaks and rumors, the phone, quite frankly, looks like a near carbon copy of Apple’s iPhone 6/S. That, of course, didn’t sit too well for Android (or even Apple) enthusiasts, but with affordable (promotional) pricing and mid-range specs, it seems HTC wasn’t so much targeting the die-hard Android user as much as the soccer mom and her not-so-tech-savvy young teen. Here are the biggest features HTC is hoping will win over consumers:

  • It’s only $400 (temporarily)
  • HTC Uh Oh Protection (free replacement)
  • High quality sound and full volume output to large headphones
  • 13MP camera with OIS and RAW capture
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Every Android update within 15 days of Nexus devices
  • Unlocked bootloader wont void warranty
  • It looks just like the iPhone 6

The whole iPhone lookalike thing isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it could bring some level of success to a company who’s been struggling to take make headway in a fiercely competitive smartphone market. Whatever works. Our own Rob Jackson had a quick minute to go hands-on with the all new One A9 during their low-key event in New York. Check out his hardware tour while we work on preparing a full review.

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