WedPics creator introduces Photo, an app that lets groups share photos for any occasion


WedPics has always been a great app to let folks easily share photos taken at a wedding between folks who attended. It’s not only fun, but convenient if there’s a specific photo you want of someone or something that happened at your wedding but don’t know who to track down to get it.

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But why should it only be for weddings? That’s why the creators of WedPics took the next natural step: Here’s Photo, an app that serves the same exact purpose as WedPics, except you can use it for any occasion. Birthdays, graduations, baby showers, Christmas parties. Whatever you want.


In the case of Phandroid, we made an Android event. Why? Because we can. That’s Photo’s appeal, after all. Those using a smartphone can download the app and easily share the photos (or video) they take immediately after taking them, so anyone at the event can get a quick look at all the different angles of action and fun.

Even better is that you don’t need a smartphone to participate. Grandma with her old point and shoot could go home and upload the pics to the album by heading to the Photo website if she wants. She’ll be able to download others’ photos there, as well. Photo can also be social, with the ability to like and comment on any given photo uploaded to the album.


Members of an album can get notifications for various things, including when someone likes or comments on a photo, when a new member joins the album, and when new photos are uploaded. Notifications are fully customizable, to boot.

The best part is that it’s all free, with unlimited albums, uploads and no premium paywalls to speak of. Be sure to keep it in mind the next time you host or head to an event where people are bound to snap a crapton photos that they likely want everyone in attendance to see.

Download Photo for Android from Google Play

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