Amazon reportedly in talks to introduce a live TV streaming service



It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is offering up some sort of online video streaming service. The next frontier for tech companies, we’ve seen Netflix slowly make the transition away from big name Hollywood movies to pushing shows from their own in-house studio. Amazon is no different, using Amazon Prime Video as a way to entice consumers to signing up their 2-day delivery service.

In effort to bolster current video offerings, Amazon has reportedly reached out to big television networks like CBS and NBC on live streaming their channels to customers. The new report out of Bloomberg follows a similar one from The Wall Street Journal almost 2 years ago. With Netflix slowing growing in popularity, Amazon could be looking for a new carrot to dangle over their customers’ heads.

Of course nothing is set in stone and Amazon is sure to face its share of hurdles (and costs) along the way. While talks are still early, it sounds like this could be a totally separate from Prime on-demand video, although nothing was mentioned on whether or not this would be an add-on service or included in Amazon’s bag of existing Prime membership perks.

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