11 Motorola Android Phones officially getting the Marshmallow Update

Motorola has made an official statement on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and in the process, included a list of 11 Android Phones that they’ll updgrade to Marshmallow.

Is your Moto listed? Keep in mind that they’ve mentioned this could change, so don’t consider this a promise but instead a guideline.

Where did my Moto Features Go?

Motorola is also using this moment to announce that some features you’ve grown to love have reached end-of-life status. Most noticeable is Moto Assist, which essentially included a “Do Not Disturb” Mode. The reason for this is that Android Marshmallow has comparable alternatives and Motorola doesn’t want to shove redundant features down your throat in the name of proprietary control.

For this, we’ve really got to applaud Motorola. Google released features that made their offerings somewhat obsolete and rather than having them pried from their cold dead hands (as many carriers and manufacturers would insist), they willingly let the caged bird fly. Considering how hard their team worked to build and promote these features, and have useful and successful they were, that couldn’t have been easy.

But they did it. Another example of Motorola doing the right thing for consumers in the Android space. For more, read their full blog post.