Samsung introduces new, lower-priced Gear VR compatible with all their 2015 flagships


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Although readily available from retailers like Best Buy, Samsung’s original Gear VR that launched last year was still a sort of work in progress (hence the “Innovator Edition” tag). During the Oculus Connect 2 developer conference taking place today in LA, Samsung announced an all new version of the Samsung Gear VR shipping this November in the US for only $100.

Keep in mind this isn’t the same old hardware at a discounted price. Unlike last year’s model which was choosy about which Galaxy devices would fit inside, this time around the Gear VR (2015) will be compatible with all of Samsung’s 2015 flagships including the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Gear VR also features some other slight revisions like a 22% decrease in weight, as well as a revised touchpad.

Additionally, it was revealed that both Twitch and Netflix streaming will be available in time for the new versions launch, with the streaming services hitting the Gear VR store later this afternoon. Vimeo, Hulu and TiVo will also be making their way over, but at a later time.

Although availability of this new Gear VR model only be in the US initially, Samsung says they plan to open it up globally shortly after. At $99.99, it’s’ not a bad price for VR although, we’re still curious to see what will come out of that Google/Mattel View-Master still scheduled to launch later this year.

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