Skip the OnePlus 2 and pick up this amazing deal on the Nexus 6 64GB for only $370 [DEALS]


Nexus 6 DEAL Expansys USA

With the recent explosion of leaks surrounding Google’s new crop of Nexus devices — to be officially announced this coming Tuesday — retailers are already taking the necessary steps to clear out existing stock of older models. You know, that enormous 6-inch Nexus Motorola made for Google last year. By all means still a fantastic device (we still use our despite picking up the Moto X Pure Edition), Expansys USA is offering the 64GB version of the phone for a crazy $370.

This makes the phone just a tad more expensive than the OnePlus 2 and you don’t even need an invite to pick one up. With a 2K AMOLED display, quick and wireless charging, great battery life, NFC, and quick Android updates, the Nexus 6 is an absolute steal at that price. Both the blue and white models are up for grabs but we can’t say for how long. Link provided below.

Buy from Expansys USA: Nexus 6 64GB (white) | Nexus 6 64GB (blue)

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