2 awesome features coming to Gmail for Android: Block Sender and Unsubscribe


There are few things more annoying in this modern world than having your inbox crammed to the brim with garbage. Whether you’re getting marketing spam incessantly from a company you just did business (hhgregg has recently been the bane of my existence) or an annoying ex-something-or-other won’t stop crop dusting your inbox with sweet-but-gone-sour nothings, Google has got your back.

Starting today on the web – and within the next week on Android – you’ll be able to block all future e-mails from a specific address and Unsubscribe to marketing campaigns from specific companies.


The option is filed neatly in the overflow menu.

  • Open the annoying e-mail
  • Tap the three dots in the top right
  • Tap “Block” to never receive e-mails from this address again
  • Tap “Unsubscribe” to officially opt-out of future marketing campigns

These options may or may not be available depending on the sender (ex: you can’t unsubscribe to e-mails from your mom.)

If your inbox has recently become a messy place, hopefully this helps clean it up.

Do you see the “Block” and “Unsubscribe” features in your Gmail yet?

Rob Jackson
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