Sep 18th, 2015

Pebble countdown

Pebble’s got a countdown timer on their site that appears to be ticking down to some sort of new announcement 4 days and 18 hours from now. Although they aren’t providing any clues on what they could possibly be planning to unveil, we have a good feeling it’s not a new smartwatch.

Instead, Pebble is more than likely counting down to the release of their big 3.0 software update that we saw hit the Pebble Time a few weeks back. The update introduced all sorts of new settings like being able to tweak font sizes, backlight and vibration intensity, even a new notification experience.

Pebble did say the update would hit the original Pebble later this year, but wouldn’t commit to a specific date. Now with a timer on their site counting down to a very specific time — Wednesday, September 23rd — if we were betting men, we’d put our money on it being just that.


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