Best Galaxy S6 Edge+ cases, skins, and screen protectors


It’s no mystery that we think the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus looks awesome. In our review we mentioned how it feels like a piece of space-age glass in your hand. With a device that looks so cool, you’re going to want to protect it and make it look even better. The best way to do that is with a case, skin, or screen protector. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best.

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Galaxy S6 Edge+ Cases

Flexishield Gel Case

flexishield edge

The Flexishield Gel Case is a super thin, flexible, and semi-transparent case. It doesn’t add a lot of extra bulk to the phone, but it does add some grip. It’s not so rubbery that it will be difficult to pull out of your pocket, but it’s easier to grip than the naked glass. The case comes in black, white, purple, and aqua blue. [MobileFun]

Incipio NGP Case

Incipio NGP Galaxy S6 Edge case DSC09503

The Incipio NGP is made from a soft polymer material. It provides excellent shock absorption without stretching, tearing, or fading over time. The case is flexible and easy to take on and off. You can get it black or a semi-transparent frost white. [Amazon]

Incipio Octane Case

Incipio Octane Galaxy S6 Edge case DSC09496

The Incipio Octane combines a hard shell and soft bumper to add style and protection to your phone. The rigid back is great against dings and scratches, while the soft bumper adds shock absorption. The Octane cane be found in a wide variety of colors. [Amazon]

Obliq Slim Meta Case

slim meta edge

The Slim Meta is a stylish addition to the Edge+. It’s only as thick as the camera protrudes from the back of the device. Inside the case is a soft material for shock absobtion, while the outside is hard plastic and a faux brushed aluminum design. It comes in black, white/gold, and white/silver. [MobileFun]

Olixar ArmourDillo Case

armourdillo edge

Looking for even more protection? The ArmourDillo case uses a dual-layer system and a kickstand for protection and convenience. The inner layer is a soft silicone (and can be used as a case alone), while the outer layer is a hard plastic. A rasied grid pattern on the back makes it easy to hold. It comes in blue, black, red, and green. [MobileFun]

Samsung Clear View Case

clear view edge

Samsung’s Clear View case is one of the more interesting cases I’ve used. It’s sort of the same idea as HTC’s DotView case. The clear cover protects your display, but also allows you to see the time, battery, and some notifications. You can’t really do much while the cover is closed, but it looks cool. [MobileFun]

Samsung S View Case

s view edge

The S View case has much more functionality than the Clear View case. A square cut-out at the top shows the time and other status info, but also has shortcuts to the camera and phone. You can take action on notifications from the S View case, and even take photos while the cover is closed. The case also has a nice leather-like feel. [MobileFun]

Speck CandyShell Grip Case

Speck CandyShell Grip Galaxy S6 Edge case DSC09492

The Speck CandyShell Grip is one of the most popular cases around. It combines a hard plastic shell with rubber details to provide grip and show absorption. If you think the Edge+ is a slippery phone, this is the case for you. This case is also available without the rubbery grip stripes. [Amazon]

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case


Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case combines a TPU case and a hard bumper around the edges. The TPU portion of the case has a nice carbon fiber texture, while the bumper has a metallic finish. It’s a sharp look that will keep your Edge+ looking clean and pristine. [Amazon]

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Skins



A skin is a great way to add some style and minimal protection to your device without sacrificing the profile. dbrand makes some of the best skins around. They offer 16 different colors and materials for the Edge+, including carbon fiber, faux metal, and wood. You can skin the front, back, and camera. [dbrand]


note 5 slickwraps

Another great skin-maker is SlickWraps. They offer over 50 different colors and materials for the Edge+. You can get anything from glittery neon pink to dark ebony wood to a geometric Iron Man. Whatever type of look you want, SlickWraps probably has it. [SlickWraps]


bodygaurds edge

BodyGarudz offers two different skins for the Edge+. The first is a full-body clear “self-healing” protective skin. It’s made from the same material that is used on car windshields, and it covers every inch of the phone. The other skin is carbon fiber for the back, and it comes in black, red, and white. [BodyGaurdz]

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Screen Protectors

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

The Edge+ is equipped with the ultra scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 4.0 on the front (and back). You probably don’t have to worry about scratching the display, but if you’re still paranoid you can get a screen protector on the cheap. Here are a few good ones to check out.

Skinomi TechSkin [Amazon]

Spigen Crystal HD [Amazon]

Skinomi MatteSkin [Amazon]

ArmourSuit MilitaryShield [Amazon]

Find more accessories at!


There are tons of great accessories available for the Edge+, but we can’t possibly cover them all. Thankfully, the great community at AndroidForums is full of users like you. You can ask questions, share your own reviews of accessories, and get ideas from other users. Be sure to check out the Galaxy S6 Edge+ section to get the best out of your phone.

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