Moto Body is now a full Android App, Moto Connect brings new watch faces


Motorola has issued a couple of cool updates to some of their Android apps today, both of which will help those who own their Moto 360 smart watch. The first is Moto Body — it’s now a full Android app, and available for nearly anyone with an Android phone.

moto body app

Moto Body gives you a full look at your daily activity, including the amount of steps you’ve taken, the estimated calories burned, your heart rate and more. You can look at results across multiple days, and check out averages over time. The app will also dish out notifications to remind you to get active, and serve up helpful health tips if you’re a bit lost.

We’re also getting an update to Moto Connect, which brings a new user interface and support for the 2015 Moto 360. The new UX is designed to be easy to navigate and features a healthy helping of pictures to help you easily connect your smart watches, headphones and other devices you might have.

The Moto Connect update also brings the new watch faces you’ll find on the 2nd Gen Moto 360. This is obviously non-news for those who plan on buying the 2nd Gen Moto 360, but for those who will stick with last year’s option it’s nice to be able to get some of the newer watch faces. Use those links straight ahead to grab the apps and updates from Google Play.

Download Moto Connect on Google Play

Download Moto Body on Google Play

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