YouTube app will sometimes show surveys instead of ads, but it less or more annoying? [POLL]


YouTube survey

I do a lot of YouTube watching in my spare time, something I’m sure many of you can relate to. While there’s probably no better way to kill a quick minute on the loo, one thing I hate sitting through are ads. Sure, YouTube will let you skip past most of them but only after a short period of time if at all. But it appears they’re experimenting with a new method of gaining valuable consumer data, asking you to complete a quick surveys instead.

The interactive survey was spotted by one user on Reddit who was asked a simple question: what vehicle brands have you heard of before?” Sounds simple enough and as far as I’m concerned, better than sitting through an ad for X amount of seconds. While myself of others at Phandroid haven’t come across these surveys, apparently others have. Now, the real question is for you guys. Would you rather spend 5 seconds viewing an commercial, or the taking a quick survey?

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