Your next virtual reality headset is a cereal box



Thanks to Google, it’s now possible for anyone to have a VR headset. All you need is a piece of cardboard. What common household item is made of cardboard? Cereal boxes. Kellog’s is running a promotion in New Zealand for Nutri-grain cereal. The box includes plans for being made into a VR headset. All you need is tape, scissors, and a knife.

Along with the cardboard headset is a companion app that offers a variety of 360-degree content. We’ve come a long way from the temporary tattoos and cheap plastic toys of the past.

Kellog’s is just the latest in a long list of companies using Google Cardboard technology. Others such as Adult Swim, Team Coco, Volvo, and even adult websites have made cardboard headsets. You’re not going to get an Oculus Rift-like experience, but for a piece of cardboard that you would normally recycle, this is pretty dang awesome.

[via Kellog’s]

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