Samsung Galaxy S7 could come in two different screen sizes


Samsung could be taking an Apple-like approach to their next major flagship smartphone. According to Asia Today, the Samsung Galaxy S7 might come in not one, but two different screen sizes.

It’s said one of the phones will come in a traditional form factor of around 5.2 inches. The second variant might be even bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 at 5.8 inches.

As we saw with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung isn’t against releasing two flagships at the same time. That said, they probably feel it’s important to create two phones that look and feel a bit more different than those two, even if the difference only comes in sheer screen size.

They also see how massively successful Apple was in offering polarizing sizes, and they probably want to emulate that success (especially since their smartphone business has seen better days).

Unfortunately those are all the details we’re going to get on Samsung’s plans for their 2016 flagship, though we do know there’s a possibility they’ll use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 or an upgraded Exynos. And what about 6GB of RAM? Well, perhaps that’s just wishful thinking, but Samsung can’t be working on getting that much RAM into phones for no reason. Either way, let’s hope the device lives up to what should build up to be lofty expectations.

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