Sep 5th, 2015

Android Wear smartwatches aren’t exactly the most convenient thing in the world, with even the newest devices offering 2-3 days of battery life. For folks wearing non-Android Wear fitness bands such as the Jawbone UP or Fitbit, the story isn’t much better, with battery life in the 1-week range. That’s why the new fitness tracker by Runtastic is so compelling: the battery life is 6-months long!

Dubbed the “Runtastic Moment”, the device achieves this long battery life by integrating a non-rechargeable battery. That’s right- if you want to replace the battery in this bad boy you’ll have to do it the old fashtioned way: buying a new battery at the store.

There are 4 different Runtastic Moment variations:

  • $129 – Runtastic Moment Fun: Stainless steel case, scratch-resistant glass and silicon strap. Available in four colors: rasberry, plum, sand, and indigo.
  • $129 – Runtastic Moment Basic: Features a larger display and is available in beige and black.
  • $179 – Runtastic Moment Elite: Upgrades the Moment Basic to a black leather band.
  • $180 – Runtastic Moment Classic: Upgrades the Moment Elite to a silver, gold or rose gold band


Pretty nice looking, right?

I know what you’re thinking: what can you actually expect this thing to do? If the battery lasts 6 months, it’s probably because it’s not doing much, right? Wrong: in addition to the 6-month battery life, the Moment is Waterproof (you can swim with it), tracks your steps and distance, tracks your swimming/biking/etc, tracks your sleep habits, allows you to set goals and progress, LED and vibration notifications, and more.

For more, check out the Runtastic Moment site.

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