Samsung Gear S2 pricing and availability allegedly revealed



You’ve probably seen enough of the Samsung Gear S2 to know whether or not Samsung’s latest smartwatch is worth your time (heh). But without an official price — of which Samsung remains strangely mum — you wont be able to know if it’s actually worth your money. Even though Samsung didn’t publicly announce pricing or availability during their big event in Berlin, they may have quietly revealed pricing details on the side. Well, for Europe anyway.

SammyHub reportedly received word directly from Samsung that the smartwatches will be priced at 350 euros for the Gear S2 and 400 euros for the S2 Classic in Finland. For Denmark, the regular Gear S2 will be sold for 2,599kr, and Gear S2 Classic for 2,999kr. While that doesn’t reveal actual US pricing, it does give us a general ballpark figure of around $389-$444. Ouch.

It seems the Samsung Gear S2 will continue the current trend of premium $300+ smartwatches we’ve been seeing this year. Both version of the watch were also said to go on sale in October, so if you had your eye on this one, you’d better start saving up.

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