Google Docs brings voice typing and new research tools on the web


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Whether you’re an occasional or avid Docs/Sheet/Slides user, student or businessman, new additions headed to the service could have a big impact on your productivity. Announced on the official Google Docs blog, Google is adding a new set of tools that makes it easier than ever to keep your nose inside your work, and quickly type out thoughts as soon as they come to you.

The new Research tool infuses Docs with Google Search. This means that you technically never have to leave Docs when looking up something, whether it’s general info, facts, or images. To highlight the new feature, Google even uploaded a quick video to their YouTube channel. Check it out below.

Another new addition — and probably the most groundbreaking — is Voice typing. Gone are the days of having to physically type out words on a keyboard like an animal. Instead, you just speak them and Google’s voice recognition will jot down everything for you. The feature is available in more than 40 languages, so there’s a good chance Google’s got you covered. You can see it in action via the (extremely short) video down below.

But that’s only the half of it. There’s a handful of other additions rolling out on Docs starting today. Things like the “See new changes” button when collaborating with others, new themes in Forms, a new collection of templates in Docs/Sheets/Slides, Explore in Sheets, and Share to Classroom Chrome extension. To learn more about these great new features, hit up the source link down below.


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