How to turn the new Google logo into the boot animation on your Android phone [DOWNLOAD]


google logo new

Google’s big new future under Alphabet means Google needs a big new look. They’ve introduced that today. It starts with a logo that looks immediately familiar. It’s Google’s simple style, only flat and contemporary. Just as colorful, though, so you’ll feel at home.

This new logo feels very modern and oozes the character of a company who is at the very cutting edge of, well, everything. It fits. It works. It looks awesome.

google logo animation

The neat animation you see above also looks awesome as a bootloader, which you can download from AndroidForums.com right here (where you’ll also find instructions for flashing). Google’s 4 dominant colors combine into a multicolored G logo. It’s accurate symbolism for a company that is multifaceted and multitalented.

And it’s not just the G you might see loaded up with a blast of color. Even the Google Voice Search microphone icon has been redone to match the new look. Perform a search, and you’ll see those dots transform into sound waves to let you know that Google can hear your incoming query. Once it’s done, it’ll morph right back into the microphone or Google icon.



We’re also told to be on the lookout for these changes in more of their products as they begin rolling the new designs out on the web and in apps. Let us know what you think!

[via Google]

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