Amazon’s Free App of the Day is dead, long live the all new Amazon Underground [DOWNLOAD]


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It’s official: Amazon’s “Free App of the Day” program — where they’d offer up popular Android apps and games free for 24 hours — is officially dead. We know, this was the only reason many of you had the Amazon Appstore installed on your Android devices, but don’t freak out. It’s now effectively being replaced by “Amazon Underground.” So much more edgy.

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A brand new “movement,” Amazon will pay developers for every minute a user plays their app or game. All developers have to do is make sure their app is actually free — that is, free to download and free for all in-game content. None of that freemium crap here. It’s easy to see the appeal. Developers will be able to turn 100% of their users into actual customers, all they have to do is make compelling content that people actually want to play, not pay. Amazon notes that Underground is a “long-term program,” not some “one-off promotion” so they plan on sticking with it. Well, for as long as the FAOTD was around.

Amazon Underground app screenshots

To get started, you’ll need to download the Underground app from the Amazon Shopping app or the Amazon Appstore (either one will do), or download and install Amazon Underground directly from here. The app has a fair amount of permissions, but that’s because it’s pretty much the regular Appstore only with more free goodies. Direct download link provided after the video below.

Download: Amazon Underground

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