Project Ara has officially been delayed until 2016, eyes US locations for market pilot


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After it was revealed last week that Project Ara — the world’s first modular smartphone — wouldn’t be launching in Puerto Rico as originally planned, we’re now learning that project has officially been pushed back until 2016. The official Ara teamed announced the news #yeswearelate on their official Twitter account amidst all the Marshmallow madness. The good news is they also mentioned they are now eying some locations in the US for their upcoming market pilot, but wouldn’t go into specifics about where they could be headed next.

After showing off a working prototype live on stage during Google I/O — along with a working camera module — it seemed like things were coming along nicely. We’re not sure what snags the team hit along the way, but introducing a smartphone with hotswappable parts is definitely no easy task. We’re still more than excited about Project Ara, no matter when it launches.

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