Aug 7th, 2015


Smart watches are cool, but we’d be the first ones to admit that the design aspect of these things isn’t quite there yet. While Huawei, LG and Motorola have introduced some pretty good looking options, Samsung could turn the game upside down if they tried their hand at an Edge display.


This concept shows how such a smart watch could look. You can see the glass and display draping over each side of the watch face to provide a natural curve we can’t seem to take our eyes off of.


Sandwiched between said display and the rear is a metal frame with design language not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6. Include contact pins for charging and a heartrate monitor, and you have yourself a recipe for a very fine looking smart watch.


The watch strap paired up with the thing in this concept doesn’t exactly give us the same tingly feeling inside, but replaceable straps could make that a non-issue.


One has to wonder if something like this is even wholly feasible. Samsung has only just gotten curved displays into smartphones with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. To do it on a display as small as the one needed for a smart watch is an entirely different story. In the meantime, we’re just waiting for Samsung to perfect the circular form factor we know they’re working on. Let us know what you think.


[via Yanko Design]

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