Nexus Factory images for LMY48I are now available for download


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Google yesterday released updates for tons of Nexus devices. The updates’ primary goal were to fix the Stagefright vulnerability that was discovered not too long ago. Google also decided to commit to 3 years’ worth of security updates, with OTAs promised every month during that timeframe for a number of Nexus devices.

Anyway, the news today is that factory images for those updates are now available for download. These images are made available to those who want to restore their Nexus devices to factory-original firmware. It’s intended as a safety net for developers and tinkerers who want a course back to a fresh device in the event that they screw something up, but regular users are just as free to use it for getting upgraded to the latest firmware as fast as they can.

Most of the Nexus devices mentioned yesterday have their LMY48I files available, though a couple of outliers — such as the Nexus Player and some LTE variants of certain tablets — are still waiting. Be sure to find your device and see if it’s available, and use the download links and instructions on that page to get going.

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