Is this our first look at the Huawei Nexus? [VIDEO]


huawei nexus

2015’s Nexus devices have done a good job of staying undercover to now, but it’s possible we might have gotten our first taste of what to expect from Huawei’s ambitious take on the iconic line. Serial leakster Steve Hemmerstoffer has leaked a video of a Huawei device prototype.

Although you can see hints of Huawei influence, it still looks like a rather generic smartphone device. It does have a nice square sensor on the back for a fingerprint scanner, though, so there’s that. We also see a protruding camera sensor and a flash sitting next to it. Oh, and it looks freaking big.

There’s no telling whether this is the amazing Honor device Huawei will be showing off on August 10th or their supposed upcoming Nexus handset, but for what it’s worth its no-frills simplistic build — as well as that prominent camera ring — does give it that Nexus feel.

Rumord specs for the Huawei Nexus include 5.7-inch WQHD AMOLED display, metal unibody design and 21MP Sony IMX230 rear camera sensor, It could also launch with Qualcomm’s Rezence/WiPower wireless charging technology. This is supposed to be the big Huawei phone that helps them break into the global market like they never have before, and we’re sure they won’t look to disappoint. If the rumored specs are anything to go by, we’d say they have a pretty good chance of making a solid first impression.

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