Huawei sends invites to announce an “Amazing” Honor device on August 10th


huawei honor invite

Huawei’s Honor lineup is doing great for the company, with 20 million handsets shipped in the first half of 2015 alone. The momentum is bound to continue as the company has another announcement to make on August 10th.

So what can we expect? It’s an Honor device, so we’re sure it’ll have specs that can hold its own against anything in the market. One of the unique features will be a pop-up camera. Such a design seems quite… useless at first, but the idea is that it allows Huawei to put the same quality camera sensor on the front as it’ll have on the rear without having to give up overall device thinness.

huawei honor popup camera 1

huawei honor popup camera 2

Unfortunately those are all the solid details we’ll get right now, but August 10th is only 5 days away so we aren’t sweating it too much. Impress us, Huawei!

[via GizChina]

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