Google Glass Enterprise Edition reportedly targeting a fall launch for businesses


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It’s safe to say that as a consumer product, Google Glass wasn’t quite ready for masses. That’s not to say it didn’t excel in some fields, the business sector for example (healthcare, manufacturing, and energy) where Glass was the perfect fit for busy folks on-the-go. It appears that’s exactly where the next version of Glass will be headed next and according to sources out of both The Wall Street Journal and Re/code, this new version of Google Glass designed for “Glass at Work” partners is already being developed and could quietly launch as early as this fall.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition is said to be a complete overhaul of the Explorer Edition, with a more rugged, foldable design and the ability to attach to different glasses. There’s also word that the display will be larger and thinner (not like the original’s bulky cube) and Google will opt for a much better Intel Atom processor to power the thing, with optional external battery packs for extra juice. It likely wont be as pretty as the original, but it could be much more useful this time around.

For everyone else — us normals, for example — still debating the practicality of a basic smartwatch, it seems the consumer version of Google Glass is still quite a ways off. The WSJ tells us not to expect it for at least another year, perhaps once everyone has cooled off on the idea of public “privacy.” The best bit of news? Its price tag. Even the enterprise edition is said to be “well below” what we saw with the Explorer Edition. Those of you mulling over picking up Google Glass during its initial run but couldn’t get over its exorbitant pricing, this should be music to your ears.

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