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Where has the summer gone? It feels like just yesterday we were posting the best apps of June, and now we are already closing out on July. As we approach the “dog days” of summer a bunch of great new Android apps were released. If you were busy spending time at the beach you may have missed a few of them. Don’t spill your lemonade! We’ve got you covered. Here are the best Android apps from July. Enjoy!

Boxer Calendar

boxer calendar mail

Boxer has unveiled a new Calendar app that they hope will provide the range of features necessary to satisfy the appetite of those who aren’t satisfied with, say, Google Calendar. Boxer’s big play is to make it easier for your email and calendar to work together.

Comcast Stream


Comcast announced a new service this month called Stream, a streaming service they’re rolling out for customers of their Xfinity internet. The big deal here is that internet-only customers can pay just $15 per month — with no added equipment, mind you — to stream content from about a dozen of Comcast’s networks.



Doodle claims to be the “world’s favorite scheduling tool.” With the Doodle app you can organize meetings, create surveys, plan reunions, and much more. You invite participants via a URL, and then they can choose the dates and times that work best for them. It’s a great way for everyone to decide the best time for events and meetings.


If you take a lot of business trips, DUFL may be the best thing ever. This service takes care of packing clothes for you. After signing up you’ll be sent a suitcase to put all of your travel clothes inside. Use the app to schedule a pickup and have your clothes delivered to your destination. DUFL will wash, pack, and ship your clothes for you.


hbo now logo

Apple’s period of exclusive for HBO Now is over, and as promised it’s now available for Android. The service, which gives you full access to HBO’s breadth of content for $15 per month without the need of a cable subscription, is now available on Amazon’s Appstore for Kindle Fire tablets, Google Play, and will for Fire TV devices.



Hooks is all about sending you custom alerts for the things you care about. There are over 1 million alerts to choose from, or you can make your own. Things like sports scored, TV show times, music concerts, vide game releases, lottery results, top restaurants, and so much more. If you want to be alerted of something this is the app to do it.

Jet Android app is a newly launched website that offers big savings on stuff you’d typically buy at your local Walmart or Target store. They’re promising “the lowest prices on everything,” even when matched against online shopping juggernaut Amazon. Jet requires a $50 a year subscription but they’re confident your savings will exceed this cost over a year.



There are so many great video streaming services available today, and they all have very different libraries of content. JustWatch helps you find where your favorite movies and TV shows are available for streaming. Currently, you can get search results from Netflix, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, Crackle, iTunes, Vudu, and more.

Kono is another app that aims to make the hassle of scheduling meetings a much easier experience. Kono is an AI driven assistant, meaning that it learns about your personal preferences about time and location. When you set up an event, Kono seamlessly gives you recommendations that take preferences of all your guests into account.

Monospace BETA


Monospace is a minimal note-taking and writing app built from the ground up with a designed-for-touch UI. It get’s rid of the standard editing features you’d find in most editors and replaces them with a modern-styled, essentials-only formatting popup. If you want to write with zero distractions this is the app for you.

Microsoft Groove


Groove is Microsoft’s rebrand of Xbox Music. You can easily play and manage your music and playlists with Groove. Any songs you put in OneDrive will automatically show up in Groove. With Groove Music Pass you can stream and download new hits and familiar favorites from a selection of over 40 million songs.

Samson’s Diet

Don’t let a haircut turn you into a weakling. Samson’s Diet is a great way to get into natural healthy food. It has easy-to-follow recipes, from chicken nuggets to cinnamon citric oat flakes, a ceviche, stuffed pumpkins, an artichokes starter and micropopcorn. They are thought specially to make a healing living not only easy but also pleasant.



Stagelight is the easiest and best way to create, share and play with music on Android tablets. Stagelight is packed full of music creation tools, step-by-step lessons, and an in-app store to suit every musical genre. There aren’t a lot of great Android tablet apps, but if you are a music lover this is one to check out.

Star Wars

The official Star Wars app is finally here. With a dynamic futuristic interface, the Star Wars app immerses you in breaking news, rich media, social updates, special events, and interactive features. It’s your one stop for everything Star Wars. There’s tons of great goodies and special features hidden away for Star Wars buffs.


swappa price app

We’re still a bit of ways away from a full-fledged Swappa app, but the phone trading marketplace company has released a new price chart that’ll give you a good idea of how much a phone is worth. You can use the app to see the phone’s average selling price at the current moment in time, as well as a nice history of price changes since its launch.


toss-up banner

Microsoft’s Garage development initiative is spawning more interesting Android apps. The latest is Tossup, a new app which helps you gather opinions from your friends. The idea is for you to present your friends with some sort of decision, whether it be where to go for lunch or something as silly as what to wear to work for the day, and have everyone chime in.



Sick of all the extra taps and swipes it takes to find your subscriptions in the official YouTube app? Tuber puts your YouTube subscriptions front and center. It’s the stuff you visit YouTube to watch, so why should it be hidden away? Use Tuber to view the stuff you want to see.


Live wallpapers are really cool, but they can eat up your battery life. Weatherback is an app that gives you the feeling of a live weather wallpaper, but it uses your own wallpaper as a background. The app will put rain, fog, or snow on top of your own wallpaper. It’s a cool effect, but since it’s not a live wallpaper you don’t have to worry about battery life.



We’ve all got limited data plans nowadays (well, most of us), and the best way to avoid the limits is to use WiFi as much as possible. WifiMapper maps the best free hotspots nearby (from restaurants to libraries to coffee shops and cafes). The details page gives you relevant information on the hotspot and its location in addition to comments from the community.

Yahoo Livetext


Yahoo Livetext is a combination of live video and text communication. The kicker is there’s no sound in the video. You can be on video, but to communicate you have to type. Why would anyone want to deal with that hassle? Not sure, but the app looks really nice and it’s a cool way to communicate if you’re into that.


What was your favorite app from July?

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