Angry Birds 2 for Android is now available for download at Google Play


angry birds 2

Angry Birds’ first official sequel is now available at Google Play. Unfortunately Angry Birds 2 doesn’t turn the series on its head like we thought it would, but the release does introduce some interesting new gameplay mechanics and features that we’re happy to have.

Here’s a quick look at all of the new stuff you can expect:

  • You can now choose which bird you want to use no matter which level you play. This alone adds more depth to gameplay as you have to decide which bird is more fitting for each level and strategy.
  • Multi-stage levels
  • New spells like blizzards and hot chilis (whatever those do)
  • The ability to challenge other players and participate in tournaments, making Angry Birds a competitive affair.

Best of all is the game is completely free, though there are naturally some in-app purchases you can make to enhance your experience. The download is at Google Play right now so be sure to give it a spin during some downtime today!

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