Jul 29th, 2015

Reddit Snoo mascot

There are a dozen or so unofficial 3rd party Reddit apps available for Android (my personal favorite being Relay Pro), but still nothing official as of yet. Back in October of last year, Reddit purchased Alien Blue, one of the most popular 3rd party Reddit apps on iOS. For whatever reason, they didn’t feel the need to rebrand it, sticking with the name users were already familiar with.

With no official Android app in sight (Reddit does offer their own in house AMA app on Android), we were wondering if they might take a similar route on Android, scooping up one of the more popular apps and calling it day. Turns out they’re not. In fact, they’ve already been hard at work on an official Android app and according to newly appointed Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, it’s “coming along nicely.”

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as last August we actually spotted a Reddit job listing looking for an Android developer. While Reddit does offer their own in house AMA app on Android, the fact that they never built an app for actually browsing and navigating the site’s many subreddits always seemed like a huge oversight. With a new CEO taking the helm, here’s to hoping it’s on the fast track to a release (and that it doesn’t suck).


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