Jul 29th, 2015

boxer calendar mail

Boxer has unveiled a new Calendar app that they hope will provide the range of features necessary to satisfy the appetite of those who aren’t satisfied with, say, Google Calendar. Boxer’s big play is to make it easier for your email and calendar to work together.

For instance, if someone sends you an email asking you if you’re available at a certain time, Boxer can pull from your calendar details and give you an instant look at whether anything’s on your plate. If not, you can easily set something up with whoever you’re meeting and Boxer can make it effortless to add the event to your calendar. Neato!

To start, Boxer will come with full support for Exchange Activesync, but they’re also looking to add Gmail and Yahoo down the line. One more added important detail is that the app will become the default Calendar app for Cyanogenmod OS 12.1, so it effectively replaces Google Calendar.

Remember that Cyanogen OS is the version that is pre-installed on OEM phones, while CyanogenMod is the custom ROM you can flash on your device. Regardless, if you don’t care for Boxer then it should be easy enough to use something more your style. You can give it a try right now by grabbing it through Google Play.

[via Boxer]

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