This is the Moto X 3rd Gen in gold and white, and it looks absolutely gorgeous


gold moto x

The Moto X 3rd Gen is almost set for its big unveiling next week, and we’re starting to get a look at some of the color options that’ll be available once it arrives. This time we get a look at the combination of gold and white.

And it. Looks. Heavenly. Coming from someone who wouldn’t otherwise buy a light-colored phone, this thing has me salivating. Using gold for the accents is a very nice touch, and we’re sure it’ll be a popular combination at retail.

Of course, you should have no shortage of options when you buy the thing as Motorola will look to make it customizable in Moto Maker, so if this doesn’t exactly tickle your fancy then you shan’t be worried. Circle back July 28th for the full details!

[via Google+]

Quentyn Kennemer
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