Upcoming Huawei Watch pictured inside super luxurious box, could carry a price tag to match


Huawei Watch DSC08891

Despite showing off the watch at Mobile World Congress back in February, we still don’t have a solid launch date for the upcoming Huawei Watch. The surprise breakout hit of the show, last we heard the watch was delayed until sometime in September or October of this year. That’s not too far off and as so often is the case, the closer we get to a launch, the more leaks start pouring out onto the web.

The Huawei Watch is one of the better looking Android Wear watches we’ve seen, mixing together high-end hardware, with a fully round watch face (sorry, Motorola). It’s almost crazy to think Huawei was the one behind it. There was little doubt, in our minds, this classy looking tech would be billed as something more luxurious to compete with the Apple Watch Edition and if this recently leaked packaging is any indication, expect the Huawei Watch to carry a higher-than-usual price tag to match.

Huawei Watch luxury box leak

Italian website HDblog has the scoop, showing off the sleek leather box with gold trim throughout. We have to say, it’s a stark contrast from the cardboard packaging that normally accompanies Android devices, especially Android Wear watches. Now, we’re not saying the packaging or box is some kind of selling point, just that this could be a hint that pricing — which still hasn’t been revealed — might be a little higher than we initially expected. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our hands-on video from MWC down below.

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