More Google Glass Enterprise details reveal foldable design, rugged build and water resistance



In case you didn’t know, Google is still working on Google Glass for a consumer launch, and although they’ve ended the Explorer program they still pilot the device in a semi-public way through the Google Glass Enterprise Edition. Select businesses are the only ones with access to this private continued development.

That means new details are bound to leak out despite Tony Fadell’s wish that their developments remain sealed until the team is ready for a commercial launch. So what’s the latest unit looking like?

According to 9to5Google, the latest Glass Enterprise prototype features hinges for folding the battery and display components, which should make for easier and safer storage. The chassis holding the computing bits is also a lot tougher so as to withstand the eventual accidents that can happen in the work place.

Beyond that, the unit also has an increased resistance to water thanks to a minimal amount of openings and tighter button construction. A previous rumor gave us details about some improved specs for the thing, too, including a bigger display prism, improved battery life, improved heat output (or lack thereof) and faster performance thanks to an Intel Atom chipset.

This all sounds very good, and it’s our hope these improvements will somehow make their way to a commercial version of Google Glass by the time it’s ready. Otherwise, the device is said to look  Let’s hope we can get a peek at this thing once it starts seeding into the lucky workplaces that’ll use it.

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