The OnePlus 2 will get a much-improved invite system


oneplus 2 invite card

OnePlus has detailed the improved invite system they’ll be using to push the OnePlus 2 out of the door. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to make an inherently annoying system any better, but the changes should make for a much better experience on the users’ side.

For starters, OnePlus says the number one thing they’ve done this go around is be a lot less conservative with production. The strong response to the OnePlus One has allowed them to hit the ground running hard with the OnePlus 2 and start making 30 to 50 times more devices at launch than they did for the previous model. This means invites will be more readily available.

Other changes being made are a reservation list that will allow you to submit your email for an invite instead of having to hunt them down via forum and social media contests. OnePlus will still hold these special contests on their forums and give participants first dibs, but if you don’t want to deal with all that then you can just throw your name into the hat and wait for it to be pulled.

Finally, the company says shareable invites will arrive much sooner, so you won’t have to wait weeks after getting your device to slip your friend a code of their own.

Oh, and they’ll have actual physical invite cards this time, to make you feel all special and whatnot. Neato! It’s a shame we’ll still have to deal with invites for OnePlus’s second swing at bat, but it sounds like it should be a lot less painful this time around.

[via OnePlus]

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