Yik Yak now lets you post photos, but says no to selfies


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In an update rolling out today to Yik Yak, the app is now allowing users to upload photos to the anonymous social network. We know what you’re thinking and no, you wont find an influx of dick pics clogging up your feed. Yik Yak is actively monitoring all photos and will have to approve them once submitted. Because Yik Yak likes to keep things anonymous, just make sure you don’t post yours or anyone else’s actual face and you should be fine.

Yik Yak 2.8.1 update

The Peeks section is also receiving a tiny face lift, so make sure to check that out (this could only be for iOS users). It’s only in the Explore section that you’ll be able to post selfies or faces of actual people (probably because these aren’t local). Oh, and in order to better combat spam, Yik Yak is also employing a new you-ain’t-a-robot verification system to keep things spam-free for users.

Yik Yak is a little different than other social networks in that it’s more or less like an anonymous bulletin board from other users in your area. Posts are voted on similar to Reddit, so the best content floats to the top. If you aren’t able to post photos just yet, Yik Yak says it should arrive within the next few days so don’t freak out — it’s coming.

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