Pushbullet now lets you hold full SMS conversations on your PC


pushbullet sms from pc

You thought Pushbullet’s last update was big? Well… it was, but this one is pretty damn cool, too! Pushbullet’s latest update has arrived over at Google Play, and it’ll enable you to have full SMS conversations with your friends from your Windows or Mac OSX PC. This is a step above simple SMS mirroring, which only allowed you to view conversations.

pushbullet sms pc

It’s yet another huge feature that makes Pushbullet as much of a rich messaging service as it is an easy link and file sharing one. Unfortunately this feature is only limited to SMS conversations at present moment, though that’s understandable considering not even Motorola has fully solved the PC-to-phone MMS hurdle.

All you’ll need for this new feature is the updated Pushbullet app for Android and the PC extensions/apps for your respective platform. Be sure to head here for download links (Google Play link is here) and give it a go.

[via Pushbullet]

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