HTC says One M9 and ‘virtually all’ other Android devices with Snapdragon 810 are already using v2.1



The internet has made much ado over the Snapdragon 810 and the overheating issues seemingly plaguing the processor. Even OnePlus was quick to address these concerns when they officially unveiled the S10 as the CPU powering their upcoming OnePlus 2. According to their marketing team, the 2 is using a special, newer version of the Snapdragon 810 — what they’re calling v2.1 — that somehow runs cooler and isn’t affected by the same issues as older models (no doubt hinting at the backlash HTC received with the One M9).

Well, in a strange plot twist, HTC Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon did some digging and according to him, all currently available devices employing the Snapdragon 810 are already using v2.1. Woah. This information was apparently provided to him by Qualcomm themselves, with Gordon going on to confirm that the HTC One M9 is, in fact, using the Snapdragon 810 v2.1 (for better or worse).

HTC One M9 Snapdragon 810 v2.1

It’s an interesting statement, one that has HTC raining all over OnePlus’ parade. HTC is essentially saying, “You know how OnePlus was hyping up the S10 v2.1 in their phone as being so much superior to ours? Well, we’re using that too.” Or maybe it’s more like, “If you passed up on the HTC One M9 cuz of the S10, you might was well pass up on the OnePlus 2.”

Then again, perhaps Gordon was simply trying to make it known that HTC didn’t somehow skimp on using an older model of the Snapdragon 810 in the One M9. It’s the same one everyone else is already using. Whether or not this is good or bad news depends on how you look at it. We’ve since reached out to Qualcomm for further confirmation.


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