You will be able to customize your 2015 Moto G through Moto Maker [LEAK]


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There isn’t a ton Motorola can do with the 2015 Moto G that they haven’t already done with last year’s budget offering, but there’s one cool feature that could be headed for the smartphone when it finally makes its summer debut.

Retired-but-still-leaking-like-crazy leakster Evan Blass has come with another one of his famous cans of spilled beans, this time confirming that the 2015 Moto G (which we saw lined up with some of its upcoming bigger brothers earlier) can be customized through Moto Maker.

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Moto Maker, if you don’t know, is a part of Motorola’s online storefront that lets you personalize your device before it heads out of the door. To now, the Moto X has been the only phone enjoying deep customization. The Moto 360 eventually got some love, but customization was understandbly limited to which watch band you wanted.

Moto G customization could be a rather important selling point for the phone. It isn’t expected to have a whole lot of standout features that say OMG on its own (except maybe a very attractive price tag), so the proposition of being able to truly make it your own device should sit well with a whole lot of people and could lead to much more sales for the thing.

Rumor has it Motorola will look to unveil this thing alongside the 2015 Moto X later this summer (August, perhaps?) so be sure to stay tuned as more information is bouned to fly in between now and then.

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