Jul 9th, 2015

nintendo controller

DeNA is a veteran in the mobile gaming business, but they haven’t really done anything to this point that others weren’t able to. The company thinks that can change with Nintendo’s help, though.

CEO Shintaro Asako says the Nintendo partnership is an opportunity to completely change the landscape of mobile gaming. In which ways? We’re not sure.

Perhaps they have a master plan to make us actually want microtransactions or in-app purchases (even though Nintendo has suggested they won’t look to go that route). Or perhaps multiplayer on mobile will finally become a pain-free experience for more than just turn-based games.

Whatever the case may be, we know DeNA’s part will be on the backend of things, while Nintendo will obviously focus on using new or existing IPs, a knack for great game design and their penchant for creativity to make for a great game. Let’s hope the two can come together to bring some true mobile gems starting later this year.

[via Wii U Daily]