T-Mobile’s next Un-Carrier AMPED announcement will be here Thursday


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John Legere has confirmed (through Periscope of all places) that the next T-Mobile Un-Carrier AMPED announcement will be here Thursday. The CEO dropped the news during a run through Central Park today, where he also confirmed we’d be getting another announcement next week.

If you aren’t aware, Un-Carrier AMPED is a series of announcements for T-Mobile’s existing Un-Carrier moves. The idea is that they will make them better (hence, amped). They’ve already dished out the first bit of goods by allowing folks on T-Mobile JUMP to upgrade 3 times a year, and without having to pay a $10 monthly fee for the privilege.

Unfortunately Legere didn’t give any hints as to which Un-Carrier feature they’d be amping up, but he did say that he’d also be talking about the “noise” being dished out about other carriers. We imagine Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure’s little rant last week might be a good talking point, and we certainly won’t want to miss it if he happens to bring it up.

[via Periscope]

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