Android 5.1 Lollipop is now rolling out to Verizon’s Moto X 2nd Gen



Moto X 2nd Gen users on Verizon are being treated to Android 5.1, with Verizon announcing that a rollout has commenced. It brings the software version up to 23.16.3.victara_verizon.verizon.en.USvzw.

If you don’t remember, Android 5.1 was mostly a bug fixing update, but it did introduce a couple of key quality-of-life improvements. Namely, volume controls are now more easily accessible from the notification shade thanks to a new bell icon, and WiFi and Bluetooth connections are easily managed with new drop down mechanics.

The update also brings interruption / downtime controls to let you manage which notifications can get through when you set your phone to do not disturb, as well as factory reset protection that prevents unauthorized access to your phone even after it has been wiped clean.

The goods are going out over the air in waves, so be sure to check for the update (probably best to be on WiFi and have a good charge) in the settings menu. Otherwise, wait for your phone to let you know that the update is ready for the taking.

[via Verizon]

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  1. Any chance of using data while on a call?

    1. Still no sign of that from Verizon. The dev options supposedly have that switch hidden, but you still can’t add it to your account from Verizon.

      So, waiting on VZW as usual.

    2. Advanced Calling is supposed to be baked into 5.1… I sent the motox back over that issue. I picked up the Turbo instead which at least had the advanced calling enabled (on KitKat)

  2. Moto x first……. Really?

  3. Just started the download for the update, it is 497.8 MB, glad I’m on a University network, taking about 2 minutes.

  4. Got mine!

  5. I have a system update icon but its from moto n requires wifi. Y is this?

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