Android 5.1 is rolling out tomorrow for the DROID Turbo


Moto DROID Turbo DSC09781

Yesterday, Motorola teased the Android 5.1 update for the Motorola DROID Turbo yet again, letting us know once more than it was coming. The tweet more or less signaled the soak test which officially kicked off yesterday, according to Motorola Software Product Manager David Schuster. While soak tests usually mean that a full rollout is right around the corner (providing no serious bugs are found during this time), they’re limited to a select few of users from Motorola’s product forum.

The real question on everyone’s mind is when we — as in us regular folk — will see that sweet update hitting our DROID Turbos. We still don’t have an exact date, but Schuster did mention that if all goes well, we can expect a full roll out as soon as this week. Remember, it took barely 3 days for the Moto X’s Android 5.1 update went from soak to full deployment. With all that DROID Turbos have had to suffer through (the Turbo is still on KitKat, mind you), we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

For a look at all that’s new, check out Motorola’s official changelog for the Motorola DROID Turbo right here.

UPDATE: Looks it’s officially going live (in phases) starting tomorrow!


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  1. I’m holding my breath….again. Ok, I’m turning blue….gasp…gasp…help me Verizon… You’re my only hope!!!

  2. I don’t care anymore?

  3. Does it come with persistent WiFi notifications? Does it fix the jelly screen? Does it still have the double-tap home button camera? Does it still allow long-press multitask menu? Does it show constant Location Found notifications like the Nexus 6?

  4. I wonder if hangouts will be the default SMS app or at least offer the option to disable the default one so it doesn’t run in the background and show up in the app drawer. Nobody uses that God awful looking thing anyway do they?

    1. You can disable the default messaging app and just use hangouts.

      Source: Me doing it on my Turbo with 5.1.

  5. Just applied it manually to my droid turbo..and it seems great so far…been using it for about 30 minutes. Seems faster, apps load faster, over all seems like a great addition to an awesome phone.

    1. How did you download it manually? I’ve already checked the phone and Motorola Device Manager and both tell me I’m up to date.

        1. Thanks! Worked perfectly.

        2. If anyone is waiting on the OTA still I can confirm this is the same build as the OTA. I installed it on my phone and got the OTA on my girlfriends phone. Exact same build (23.11.38). The only difference I can see is that my last system update info shows the last OTA while my girlfriends shows this one.

  6. I feel like people on this website should know better than to buy a Verizon exclusive phone. With that said. I bought a Verizon exclusive and regret it. Don’t get me wrong, I love this phone. It is a great phone. But it is a great phone that is and always with be…neglected.

  7. Getting the download now from Verizon.

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