Lollipop for the Motorola DROID Turbo is almost ready, and coming sooner than ever


DROID Turbo Lollipop

If Motorola Mobility’s recent tweet is any indication, you can expect Android 5.1 Lollipop to be hitting your Motorola DROID Turbo any minute/day/week now. What’s throwing us off is the strange wording of their tweet, which says “coming” — not that it’s actually here.

Yeah, it’s always been coming soon. Ever since they initially announced the device would be skipping 5.0 and jumping straight to 5.1. And the re-announcement several weeks later. And now this. In any case, you should probably check for the update on your phone and let us know if you find anything. This is such a tease.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Better late than never android update way too much android m right around the corner i wish they would slow down some.

    1. Honestly, all the time and resources OEMs spend updating to these small incremental updates, I’m totally fine with them skipping some of these (and Motorola did, passing up early versions of Lollipop).

      Also, just because Android M will launch at the end of the year on AOSP/Nexus devices, it’s still going to be awhile before you see that on carrier devices.

      1. Agreed, lollipop is a lot more stable now then when it was first announced. I’m using it on a nexus 5 and I have the latest update. In the beginning a lot of people were upset that they replaced stable KitKat with brand new lollipop.

      2. Yea carriers don’t give fast updates because they rather have people buy new devices. Its all about making money and giving updates don’t really help the cause

  2. I am still setting my expectation for Moto to tweet “correction, what we called lollipop was actually just a minor update to advanced calling and bug fix” ..prove me wrong moto ;-)

  3. What happened? The new color schemes stop selling?

  4. I got the update before I read this. Downloading now. It’s out.

    1. Not on my phone :’-(

  5. Got the update. Works great.

  6. Droid Maxx????

  7. They sent soak test invites out last night. If all goes well they will begin rolling it out later this week. It’s on their Google+ page.

  8. WOW, Lollipop, is that new or something?

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